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14.08.2020, 14:49
The August meeting of education and science workers of the Republic of Tatarstan took place in Yelabuga.
13.08.2020, 15:56
The Mayor of Kazan conducted a tour for mothers-bloggers at the new multidisciplinary lyceum on N.Zhiganov street.
12.08.2020, 13:01
The final session of the Kazan City Duma of the third convocation was held at the City Hall.
11.08.2020, 14:06
The meeting was held at the residential area between Saban and Bakaleynaya streets, where seven courtyards are currently being improved.
10.08.2020, 13:46
The Mayor of Kazan instructed to analyze the results of the Unified state exam and develop a set of measures to support low-performing schools.
10.08.2020, 13:22
Seventy-nine Kazan self-employed entrepreneurs will obtain grants from the municipality totaling 7.7 million rubles.
07.08.2020, 11:32
The Mayor of Kazan inspected the progress of renovation of the Malyshok kindergarten in the Moskovsky district.
06.08.2020, 15:40
The Mayor of Kazan presented the second stage of the landscaped embankment of Kaban Lake to bloggers.
06.08.2020, 10:15
The eco-rehabilitation of Maryino Lake has been completed in the Novo-Savinovsky district of Kazan.
05.08.2020, 14:39
The concept of complex renovation of the territory along Portovaya street was presented in the capital of Tatarstan.