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Today, the inauguration ceremony of Tatarstan President was held at the State Concert Hall named after S. Saidashev in Kazan. Rustam Minnikhanov took the oath of allegiance to the multi-ethnic people of the republic and officially inaugurated as the President of Tatarstan. On behalf of the heads of cities and districts of the republic, the Mayor of Kazan Ilsur Metshin congratulated the head of the republic on this occasion.

“The next five years of our joint work have passed like a week: saturated, hardworking, creative, successful,”- Ilsur Metshin said.

Today, on the initiative of R. Minnikhanov, the republic is implementing unprecedented renovation and construction programs for Russia, the head of the capital city of Tatarstan reminded. The programs for the resettlement of dilapidated housing and construction of houses under the social mortgage is of great importance as well.

Regardless of the size and distance of a city or a village, the republic creates conditions for a comfortable life, work, study and recreation, and improves the living standards of people, I. Metshin believes.

Tatarstan President reminded that the main directions of development of the republic will be announced in the near future in message to Tatarstan State Council.

For information, presidential elections were held from September 11 to 13. According to the results of voting, the turnout at the polling stations in Kazan was over 62%, 72.16% of Kazan voters voted for Rustam Minnikhanov, and more than 83% in the republic.

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<![CDATA[I. Metshin: “Joint efforts will create opportunities for developing a healthy and vibrant future in comfortable smart cities”]]> https://kzn.ru/meriya/press-tsentr/novosti/i-metshin-sovmestnye-usiliya-obespechat-sozdanie-vozmozhnostey-dlya-formirovaniya-zdorovogo-i-zhizne/

Kazan Mayor Ilsur Metshin took part in an online webinar of the BRICS Youth energy Agency. The meeting was devoted to the launch of the “From BRICS with SDG” campaign by the BRICS Youth Energy Agency. This initiative is aimed at young people who contribute to the achievement of the UN sustainable development goals on daily basis. This year, the theme of the campaign is Smart city.

The Mayor of Kazan Ilsur Metshin spoke at the webinar as an expert on the subject: “Ensuring the sustainability of the functioning of municipal authorities and business".

In his speech, the Mayor said that this year Kazan approved a program for energy saving and increasing energy efficiency for 2020-2024. He noted that the city annually implements the energy-saving measures.

“The use of any energy-saving technologies, as a rule, is associated with a high level of consumer culture and environmental awareness of the population. Residents of the most advanced cities in the world are trained from childhood to the effective use of available resources. Therefore, today we set the task of improving the overall culture of energy consumption in the city. This requires a number of comprehensive measures to promote an energy-saving lifestyle among residents and all enterprises of the city,” the Mayor of Kazan said.

“Thank you for the invitation to share our vision. I believe that joint efforts will create opportunities for developing a healthy and vibrant future in comfortable smart cities,”- I. Metshin concluded.

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<![CDATA[Ilsur Metshin was nominated the Head of the Kazan municipality by a majority votes of delegates of the United Russia conference]]> https://kzn.ru/meriya/press-tsentr/novosti/ilsur-metshin-bolshinstvom-golosov-delegatov-konferentsii-edinoy-rossii-vydvinut-na-dolzhnost-glavy-/

Today, the XXXIII conference of the Kazan local branch of the Russian political party United Russia was held at the Saidash cultural center. The conference, headed by the Mayor of Kazan Ilsur Metshin, member of the General Council of the United Russia party, attended the member of the Presidium of the General Council of the United Russia party, Secretary of the Tatarstan regional branch of the party, Chairman of the Tatarstan State Council Farid Mukhametshin, State Duma deputies, deputies of the Tatarstan State Council, heads of regional executive committee of the party, members of the local political council and others.

175 out of the 235 delegates were present, making a quorum for decisions. The main issue on the agenda was the election of a candidate for the post of Head of the municipality-the Chair of the Kazan City Duma.

Deputy of the Tatarstan State Council, Director General of the city clinical hospital №12 Ramil Akhmetov proposed to consider the candidacy of the current head of the Kazan municipality Ilsur Metshin.

“I represent the healthcare, and this gives me the right to propose the candidacy of Ilsur Metshin on behalf of all medical workers. I had the opportunity to work under his leadership, to feel the scale of ideas, the energy that he puts into their implementation, - said R. Akhmetov. – I was a participant of the implementation of the “Five-year health plan” program, which launched global transformations and really increased the birth rate, increased the life expectancy of Kazan residents and promote a healthy lifestyle.”

Olga Tikhonova, Chair of the Counting Commission announced the results after the break for voting. All 175 party members who attended the conference took part in the vote, she said. Ilsur Metshin gained the absolute majority of votes.

“Thank you for your trust, we will continue to work as a united team for the benefit of the city and the well – being of Kazan residents,” the Mayor addressed the party members.

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<![CDATA[Ilsur Metshin took part in the Current Affairs Committee meeting of the Congress of Local and Regional Authorities of the Council of Europe]]> https://kzn.ru/meriya/press-tsentr/novosti/ilsur-metshin-prinyal-uchastie-v-zasedanii-komiteta-po-aktualnym-voprosam-kongressa-mestnykh-i-regio/

The Mayor of Kazan Ilsur Metshin took part in the Current Affairs Committee remote meeting of the Congress of Local and Regional Authorities of the Council of Europe. The head of the capital of Tatarstan made a report on the role of local and regional authorities in youth work. The meeting was moderated by Committee chair Gabriele Neff.

In his report, Ilsur Metshin noted the important role of youth in decision-making. The Mayor of Kazan thanked the Advisory Council on Youth for presenting the report, the Youth Department for cooperation, Youth delegates and expert Jonas Adgur for their work.

The Mayor's speech was followed by the adoption of a draft explanatory memorandum, a preliminary draft resolution and recommendations announced by the representative of Sweden, Thomas Andersson. The Deputy head of the European Youth Foundation, Silvia Ivanova, also made a presentation on the activities of the European Youth Foundation.

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<![CDATA[The on-site meeting on completion of challenged buildings, 16.09.20]]> https://kzn.ru/meriya/press-tsentr/novosti/novoe-fortepiano-poyavilos-v-detskoy-arkhitekturno-dizaynerskoy-shkole-dashka/

A new piano was presented to the children's architectural and design school DASHKA of Kazan State Architectural University. The initiative to equip the school with a new musical instrument was made by the Mayor of Kazan Ilsur Metshin during a visit to the school with Tatarstan President Rustam Minnikhanov.

For information, in January 2020, Tatarstan President Rustam Minnikhanov and Kazan Mayor Ilsur Metshin during their visit to the DASHKA school attended classes on aesthetic development of young children “Studio”, a painting lesson, an open lesson on 3D modeling and 3D printing, a library co-working, and got acquainted with the work of the animation studio.

During the inspection of the educational institution, the Mayor of Kazan noted that children play music on an old, out-of-tune piano. Maria Latypova, director of the school, told that the musical instrument was about 30 years old.

A new musical instrument from St. Petersburg was brought to school this week.

According to the school Director, the musical development of children in the school carries out in parallel to the architectural one. Children aged 5 -10 years of the junior group mainly study music. To date, 1,460 children study in the school, 700 of them in the junior group.

Children's architectural and design school DASHKA is a division of the Institute of architecture and design of the Kazan State Architectural University for professionally directed supplementary education and pre-University architectural education. ]]>
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<![CDATA[I. Metshin: “These children will protect nature and increase the green beauty”]]> https://kzn.ru/meriya/press-tsentr/novosti/i-metshin-eti-deti-budut-berech-prirodu-i-priumnozhat-zelenuyu-krasotu/

In Kazan, the city project “Growing together – Berge usabez” was launched today. As part of the project, tree seedlings will be planted on the territory of all 320 kindergartens and 166 schools in the city. The Mayor of Kazan Ilsur Metshin joined the environmental campaign. The head of the city together with the second-graders of gymnasium №75 of the Moskovsky district planted pine trees at school. For two years, students will take care of the plants. After they get stronger, they will be transplanted to parks and squares of the city.

Trees were planted today in all schools and kindergartens of the city – 58,600 pupils of preschools and second graders planted 2,500 pine and spruce seedlings. The activity is timed to coincide with the international day for the protection of the ozone layer, which is marked annually on September 16.

In gymnasium №75, the environmental campaign began with a nature science lesson for second-graders, where they were given a diary of a young ecologist with useful environmental information. The diary is given at the beginning of the year to every second-grader in the city from 2019. This year 18,472 Kazan pupils received it. Ilsur Metshin visited the natural science lesson, he asked the children if they like spending time in nature.

After the theoretical lesson, the students started to practice. Second-graders were given spades and watering cans, and together with the Mayor of Kazan, they planted pines on the territory of the gymnasium.

During the year, students will take part in activities on growing various trees and learn how to care for seedlings. ]]>
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<![CDATA[By the end of 2020, one more school for 1224 students will be completed at the Salavat Kupere residential complex]]> https://kzn.ru/meriya/press-tsentr/novosti/do-kontsa-2020-goda-v-zhk-salavat-kupere-dostroyat-eshche-odnu-shkolu-na-1224-uchenika/

By the end of this year, a new school for 1224 students will be built at the Salavat Kupere residential complex in Kazan. It will be a modern educational institution with two swimming pools and two gyms, large sportsgrounds, a hockey rink and comprehensive classrooms. Today, there is only one school in the district which is overloaded, so the demand for a new facility is crucial, said Ilsur Metshin, the Mayor of Kazan. He inspected the progress of construction and instructed to begin recruitment of staff before the end of the work. It is planned that primary classes will accept students from February 1.

“Today at the Salavat Kupere residential complex 40 houses have already been put into operation, 20 thousand citizens live here. 8 more houses are under construction– this is another 2.5 thousand residents. Therefore, this school is a long – awaited venue for all of us – the Mayor said – the social infrastructure covers the number of Kazan residents living here. We have already opened five kindergartens, two more are under construction, and the issue of accessibility of school education is also being resolved.”

Construction of the three-storey school under the Housing and urban environment national project began last autumn by the contractor company LLC Ak tash. At the moment, the final stages of construction are being carried out at the facility – plastering, tile installation, finishing and painting works. In general, according to Ravil Akhmetvaliyev, chief engineer of Ak tash company, the construction is completed by 70%.

It is planned to complete the construction of the school by the end of this year.

“It is very good that instead of the next September 1, you are completing work before the end of the year, working ahead of schedule. Now we can focus on recruitment of staff in the middle of the school year –I. Metshin noted. - The school is highly demanded, so children will go to study here with pleasure. It is up to us to form the teaching staff."

The new educational organization will meet all modern requirements, said I. Metshin. “This is a school with two swimming pools, with a real concert hall. Now it is a standard school for us, but it is still unusual in terms of the level of improvement and the number of specialized premises, - the head of the city noted. - There will be classrooms for physics, chemistry, natural science, and technology at a level that we never dreamed of before.”

For information, the capital of Tatarstan is ahead of many major Russian cities in terms of the pace of construction of educational facilities– 13 schools were built in the city in 5 years. This year, two more schools were put into operation in Kazan – the Adymnar poly-lingual educational complex for 1224 students on Bondarenko street with an additional building for 800 students on Bichurin street, as well as the new lyceum № 187 on N. Zhiganov street. In addition to Salavat Kupere, the construction of a new school is underway at the Art city residential complex – the construction will end in June next year.

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<![CDATA[Ilsur Metshin: “The festival of the self-employed is a necessary support measure in the current conditions”]]> https://kzn.ru/meriya/press-tsentr/novosti/ilsur-metshin-festival-samozanyatykh-eto-neobkhodimaya-mera-podderzhki-v-tekushchikh-usloviyakh/

On September 19 - 20, a festival of the self-employed will be held at the Gorkinsko-Ometyevsky forest in Kazan. The program includes a fair, lectures, an exhibition of market places, and other activities. The festival is carried out in support of the self-employed citizens during the crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic, the Mayor Ilsur Metshin said today at Business Monday. More than 26 thousand Kazan citizens have already obtained the official self-employed status after the introduction of the professional income tax in Tatarstan.

On the first day of the festival, a business forum of the self-employed will be held at the Dom eco-center with the participation of representatives of the business community and authorities, Deputy head of the Executive Committee Ildar Shakirov said. The challenging issues within the framework of the strategic session will be discussed at the forum. There will be an online broadcast of the strategy sessions on the YouTube channel. A two-day fair of self-employed goods is expected at the site near the CUBE creative space.

The previous format of zoning the park according to the categories, which received a positive assessment from participants and visitors last year, will be maintained, said the Deputy head of the Executive Committee.

The festival will include an exhibition of popular marketplaces that are ready to work with the self-employed, with lectures and tutorials. A presentation of successful cases of the self-employed and consultations on business registration are planned. The self-employed will be able to share their experience of participating in the competition for grant support from the Mayor’s Office.

 “Small businesses are gradually reviving after downfall as a result of the crisis caused by the pandemic. Such events as the festival of the self-employed are a necessary support measure in the current conditions, - Ilsur Metshin said. – Taxes for 2019 were returned to the self-employed, and we announced grant support. We will continue to support this business segment.” ]]>
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<![CDATA[Ilsur Metshin: “Our main task is to repay the trust of the voters and bring our beloved Kazan to a new level”]]> https://kzn.ru/meriya/press-tsentr/novosti/ilsur-metshin-nasha-glavnaya-zadacha-opravdat-doverie-izbirateley-i-vyvesti-na-novye-rubezhi-nashu-l/

The election of Tatarstan President and Kazan Сity Duma deputies ended yesterday. The Mayor of Kazan Ilsur Metshin at today’s Business Monday meeting presented the preliminary results of voting. He reminded that 459 voting stations were operating in the city. On September 11 and 12, mobile polling stations were organized in the districts of the city for the convenience of residents.

According to the Central Election Commission, no serious violations were registered during the voting. Observers from all parties and independent candidates worked at the polling stations.

According to preliminary results, the voter turnout in Kazan was 62.9%, and in the republic – 78%. The current Tatarstan President Rustam Minnikhanov in Kazan reached 72.6%. In the elections of deputies of the Kazan City Duma, the turnout was 62%. As a result, the United Russia party reached 68.63%, the Communist party – 13.3%, a Fair Russia – 9.9%, the LDPR – 3.5%, Communists of Russia – 3%.

In the single-mandate districts of the Kazan City Duma, candidates nominated by United Russia received the largest number of votes – they received 16 mandates, the Mayor said. Five self-nominated candidates, one each from the Party of Growth, LDPR, Communists of Russia, and Fair Russia also won. ]]>
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<![CDATA[I. Metshin: “Dear citizens of Kazan, please vote and choose the future of our city and our beloved republic»]]> https://kzn.ru/meriya/press-tsentr/novosti/i-metshin-dorogie-kazantsy-obyazatelno-progolosuyte-vyberite-zavtrashniy-den-nashego-goroda-i-lyubim/

Today, the Mayor of Kazan Ilsur Metshin voted in the election of the President of the republic and Kazan City Duma deputies. The Mayor came to the voting station together with his wife Gulnara Metshina. The head of the city urged Kazan citizens to be interested in the future of the republic and take part in the elections.

Ilsur Metshin noted that the next three days are important for the entire republic, because residents choose the future of Tatarstan. “For three days, voting has been organized at all polling stations in our capital. I appeal to all our residents: dear citizens of Kazan, come and vote, choose the future of our city and our beloved republic,” the Mayor said.

Voting takes place from September 11 to 13. The status of a single voting day is assigned to September 13. There are 459 polling stations on the territory of Kazan. This year, the flu vaccination is organized at the polling stations.

For the convenience of voters, as well as in connection with the epidemiological situation, on September 11 and 12, voting was organized in the surrounding territories at 270 mobile polling stations.

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<![CDATA[Rustam Minnikhanov: “The team headed by the Mayor of the city has done a lot of work to preserve the historical appearance of our capital” ]]> https://kzn.ru/meriya/press-tsentr/novosti/rustam-minnikhanov-chtoby-sokhranit-istoricheskiy-oblik-nashey-stolitsy-prodelan-ogromnyy-trud-koman/

The concept of sustainable development of the historical settlement of Kazan was presented to Tatarstan President Rustam Minnikhanov at the Kazan City Hall today. The head of the republic suggested to submit the concept for citywide discussion. After that, the document will create the basis of the regulatory framework for the development of the historical center of the capital of the republic.

The concept of sustainable development of the historical settlement of Kazan was developed for two years. The working group headed by the Mayor of Kazan Ilsur Metshin, was supervised by aide to Tatarstan President Olesya Baltusova. Kazan was one of the first cities to set a goal to systematize the work on preserving the historical center, the Mayor noted.

Oleg Maklakov, architect and project team leader, reminded that the concept is designed for 10-15 years, and its unique methodology can be applied not only in Kazan, but also in other historical settlements of the republic and the country.

For information, the first stage of development included the substantiating part of the concept. As part of the second stage, a comprehensive spatial model of the development f the historical settlement of Kazan was formed. A number of regulations of the concept are aimed at increasing activity in the city center, attracting investment here while preserving the historical appearance. It is proposed to focus residential development on public spaces, parks, gardens and squares, unified sports complexes and territories. The concept will also allow to simplify the existing procedure for the approval of new facilities.

After the concept is approved, a database of regulations will be developed that clearly regulate each direction in the development of the historical settlement, the Mayor emphasized. “Investors and developers will clearly know all the criteria for each territory,” he said.

Despite the multidimensional nature of the developed document, its main goal is preservation of the historical appearance of Kazan, Rustam Minnikhanov noted. The head of the Republic proposed to submit the concept for citywide discussion, after which the document will be approved by the Kazan City Duma.

It is planned that the experience of Kazan will be taken into account in other cities and regions of Tatarstan, R. Minnikhanov added.

Fri, 11 Sep 2020 13:44:35 +0300
<![CDATA[O. Matytsin, I. Metshin and A.Dyukov opened an athletic complex in Kazan]]> https://kzn.ru/meriya/press-tsentr/novosti/o-matytsin-i-metshin-i-a-dyukov-otkryli-v-kazani-fizkulturno-ozdorovitelnyy-kompleks/

The Minister of sport of the Russian Federation Oleg Matytsin, Mayor of the capital of Tatarstan Ilsur Metshin and President of the Russian Football Union Alexander Dyukov launched the open-type athletic complex on Richard Zorge street, 71 in the Privolzhsky district of Kazan. The Mayor of Kazan was awarded the Honorable Badge for services to the development of physical culture and sports at the opening ceremony of the new sports venue.

Ilsur Metshin reminded that a year ago, during a football competition, the parents of the football players of the Privolzhanin sports school approached him. They asked to build a home pitch for the sports school.

The new sports venue was built as part of the “Sport-the norm of life” national project. Work here started in early June. Initially, it was planned to replace the old football pitch with a new one with an area of 30x60 meters. Thanks to the support of Tatarstan President Rustam Minnikhanov, additional funds were allocated, which made it possible to build a full-fledged football pitch 94x49 meters. Next to it, there is a workout area, an outdoor hockey rink with an area of 60x30 meters with a spectator stand for 50 people and modular locker rooms. Along the football pitch, there are four athletics tracks 300 meters long and four tracks for 100 m race. There is also a jumping pit. It is planned that trainees of the Privolzhanin sports school will train on the new football pitch. There will also be physical education classes for students of school № 68 and gymnasium № 21. ]]>
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<![CDATA[Rustam Minnikhanov, Oleg Matytsin and Ilsur Metshin opened the Iskander football and rugby arena in Kazan]]> https://kzn.ru/meriya/press-tsentr/novosti/rustam-minnikhanov-oleg-matytsin-i-ilsur-metshin-prinyali-uchastie-v-otkrytii-futbolno-regbiynogo-ma/

Several new sports venues opened their doors in Tatarstan today. Tatarstan President Rustam Minnikhanov, Russian Sports Minister Oleg Matytsin and Kazan Mayor Ilsur Metshin took part in the opening of the Iskander football and rugby arena on Chuikov street. In addition, in the video conference mode, the Maksat football arena was launched on Tankovaya street.

The guests visited the Iskander football and rugby arena, the construction of which began in January 2020. The sports facility includes areas for football and rugby, locker rooms for athletes and coaches, a gym, a waiting area, a medical room, a security and fire unit, and a storage room for sports equipment.

Sports venues were also opened in Buinsk, Nurlatsky district and Muslyumovo via videoconference, Tatarstan President’s Press Office reports.

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<![CDATA[I. Metshin: “If we want to live in an eco-friendly city, we must take a big step in recycling”]]> https://kzn.ru/meriya/press-tsentr/novosti/i-metshin-chtoby-zhit-v-ekologichnom-gorode-my-dolzhny-sdelat-bolshoy-shag-v-pererabotke-musora/

In Kazan, the results of the environmental campaign “Take back the plastic and get prizes” were summed up today. The most active participants were awarded by the Mayor of Kazan Ilsur Metshin. Presently, more than 2235 children have registered in the project, all together through fandomats installed in the city's schools, they have collected more than 180 thousand plastic bottles.

At the beginning of this year, as part of a pilot project, the first 20 automatic devices for separate collection of plastic bottles and aluminum cans were installed at schools. They were transferred to Kazan educational institutions by RT-invest company (part of the Rostec state corporation). Fandomats for bottles collection will become one of the key elements of the system for separate waste collection and recycling. Kazan is one of the first cities in Russia where it is planned to create a full cycle of solid waste management.

“Today we are summing up the results of our first steps in this important endeavour. We try to pay great attention to the environment, so that citizens and children could live in a special city where there are many trees and flowers, where a healthy generation is developing, - Ilsur Metshin said, opening the award ceremony. – We do a lot for this purpose – we improve embankments, parks and squares, develop municipal economy. But all these efforts are only half of our work. If we want to live in an eco-friendly city, we must be ready for new challenges and take a big step in recycling."

According to the Mayor, 1,600 tons of waste are generated daily in Kazan, and from 550,000 to 600,000 tons per year. The area of landfills together with the sanitary protection zone is 623 hectares. “This is 2.5 times more than all our largest parks and squares. Therefore, we can't afford to continue to generate so much waste around Kazan. We have started a large and very important work on the waste separation. And we want fandomats to be placed at every school, in every supermarket, at the main intersections”, - the head of the city shared the plans.

According to I. Metshin, if children understand the importance of the problem, they will involve their friends and relatives in separate waste collection. “Children are a special front for us. Our little assistants who are sitting in the hall today are inspiring us to work with them to overcome this challenge. They are easy-going, and there are already real leaders among them, – the Mayor of the Tatarstan capital noted. – Our success will be created by such leaders, responsible and diligent guys. And together we will make our Kazan comfortable, clean and get rid of garbage in the near future”.

During two months of fandomats’s operation, before schools were closed for quarantine, 160 thousand plastic bottles and 25 thousand aluminum cans were collected. According to the organizers of the “Take back the plastic and get prizes” campaign, two bicycles can be manufactured out of 1,700 aluminum cans, and a playground out of 4,200 plastic bottles. In total, 5 tons of clean recyclable materials suitable for further processing were removed from the fandomats installed at Kazan schools.

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<![CDATA[Ilsur Metshin inspects renovation of the Chulpan cultural center]]> https://kzn.ru/meriya/press-tsentr/novosti/ilsur-metshin-prokontroliroval-khod-rekonstruktsii-kulturnogo-tsentra-chulpan/

Ilsur Metshin, the Mayor of Kazan, got acquainted with the reconstruction of the Chulpan cultural center today. Today, the facility is 80% ready. At the same time with the reconstruction of the building, a large-scale improvement of the surrounding area is underway. A pedestrian boulevard will be built between the Chulpan cultural center and Prospekt shopping center. The capacity of the cultural institution will double after the renovation.

“Construction works of the next cultural venue are in the final stage -the Chulpan cultural center. 300 thousand people live in the Privolzhsky district. This facility will become a unique cultural site, where all conditions will be created for our children, youth, and professional teams and, of course, for the spectators. Besides, it is a wonderful platform for pride, the cultural emblem of our city-the Kazan Song and Dance Ensemble, - said I. Metshin.

The Chulpan cultural center will become the headquarters of the Kazan professional choreographic dance ensemble, as well as the main site for the Kazan City Philharmonic, the Kazan Nury folk orchestra and about 30 soloists-vocalists. Besides, it is planned to establish a children's philharmonic hall with a children's school-studio within the Kazan Dance Ensemble, an orchestra of folk instruments, a musical theater, and vocal groups.

The building was built in 1992 as a movie theater. Three years later, it was transformed into a cultural center. A large-scale renovation began in April 2019. By this time, all utilities in the building were damaged, the premises required redevelopment for a more comprehensive approach to the organization of classes.

Currently, the roof of the building has been repaired and windows have been installed. Builders are making the front decoration and interior construction works: plastering and painting walls, fitting tiles and floors. The construction of engineering networks, low-power systems and waterproofing of the basement, as well as the preparation of an individual heat point is being completed. To date, the facility is 80% ready, said Rustem Khasanov, Director of the contractor organization “Restovrator” LLC.

For information, after the reconstruction, the Chulpan cultural center will have comfortable and modern rehearsal areas equipped with the latest technology, a modern auditorium for 450 people, 4 choreographic classes with a special cushioning coating on the floor, and much more.

Previously, the cultural center had only two rehearsal rooms with a capacity up to 350 people. After the reconstruction, the capacity of the institution will double – up to 700 people.

Tue, 08 Sep 2020 12:13:31 +0300
<![CDATA[“Why is Kazan like this?”: Ilsur Metshin gave an interview to Maksim Sharafutdinov]]> https://kzn.ru/meriya/press-tsentr/novosti/pochemu-kazan-takaya-ilsur-metshin-dal-intervyu-maksimu-sharafutdinovu/

Today, on September 7, the video “Ilsur Metshin. Why is Kazan like this?” was released at the Mayor’s YouTube channel. The Mayor of Kazan told Maksim Sharafutdinov, the host of the morning news on Channel One, about how Kazan got into the top five largest cities, what are the plans of the capital of Tatarstan in the coming years and what challenges Kazan faces. Footage from closed sites, personal stories and unexpected facts-all this allows to take a new look at the development of the city.

The conversation took place in the district library№ 26 of the Kirovsky district. The video is available here. ]]>
Mon, 07 Sep 2020 14:20:52 +0300
<![CDATA[I. Metshin: “We have picked up momentum, and it is important to make a choice in favor of the future of the city and the republic”]]> https://kzn.ru/meriya/press-tsentr/novosti/i-metshin-my-nabrali-dostatochno-moshchnyy-khod-i-vazhno-sdelat-vybor-v-polzu-zavtrashnego-dnya-goro/

From September 11 to 13, Tatarstan will hold elections of the President of the republic and deputies of the Kazan City Duma. The polling stations will be open all three days in the capital of the republic, and on September 11 and 12, residents of the city will be able to vote in the area adjacent to the residential buildings. All information about the location of the polling units is available at the polling stations. Elections of Tatarstan President and Duma deputies will be held in the capital of the republic in compliance with all safety measures.

Kazan Mayor Ilsur Metshin at the Business Monday urged the citizens to exercise their right to vote in the elections of Tatarstan President and City Duma deputies. “We are waiting for residents of the city at the polling stations, including mobile ones. The opportunity to vote will be within three days – said I. Metshin. – I ask and urge everyone to exercise this important right.”

Yevgeny Varakin, head of the Executive Committee of Kazan, said that as of August 1, the number of voters in the city is 920 thousand 420 people. In Kazan, 459 polling stations have been established, 31 of them will be located in places of temporary residence of voters. The electronic ballot processing systems (EBPS) will be installed at 18 polling stations. “The polling stations are ready to work, the lists of members of district electoral commissions have been updated for enrollment in the reserve, the main electoral commissions membership is more than 4900 people,”- E. Varakin said.

On September 13, the single voting day, activities and a concert will performed at the Ak Bars arena. Each voted citizen would receive a special bracelet “I voted – Min tavysh birdem”, which will give the opportunity to visit an interactive program near the Ak Bars arena. Several thematic areas will be established here: an extreme site where master classes and show performances of extreme athletes will take place, an eSports and virtual reality zone, a presentation of the Zhiznelyub project for the older generation, a zone for intellectual leisure “A book yard”, a sports zone where everyone can try to fulfill the TRP standards. In addition, digital activities, performances, art installations and presentations of the eco-project are planned. The program will end up with a concert headlined by Nyusha, Anvar Nurgaliev, Guzel Urazova, the Dabro band, Klava Koka, Valeria and the Turetsky Choir. At the end of the evening, a festive salute will be held. ]]>
Mon, 07 Sep 2020 12:47:07 +0300
<![CDATA[Ilsur Metshin: “Kindness and volunteering are a powerful unifying factor”]]> https://kzn.ru/meriya/press-tsentr/novosti/ilsur-metshin-blagotvoritelnost-dobroserdechie-volonterstvo-eto-moshchnyy-obedinyayushchiy-faktor/

Today, on the eve of the international day of charity, the Mayor of Tatarstan's capital Ilsur Metshin presented awards at the Kazan City Hall to more than 70 volunteers, philanthropists, entrepreneurs and other citizens who assisted the residents at the most difficult period of the pandemic coronavirus infection and took part in Russian program of mutual assistance #Myvmeste (We are together).

“Together, we were ready to support those in need”

“All invited to this hall today are real friends of Kazan citizens who were in a difficult situation, friends of our city, - I.Metshin addressed the participants of the event. – We strive to make Kazan the kindest city in Russia, and I believe that a lot has already been done in that direction”.

Five years ago, the development of charity and volunteering was determined as one of the priorities of the city's development, the Mayor reminded. In the capital of Tatarstan, the Good Kazan project was launched, which brought together all concerned citizens, charitable foundations and non-profit organizations willing to help people.

“Today we are proud to hear that volunteers from Kazan are the best in the world. I am sure that this is true”, - said I.Metshin. Now the city is actively developing both environmental and social volunteering, he added.

Kazan became one of the first cities to actively participate in the Russian mutual assistance campaign #Myvmeste, which started on March 21. The campaign was aimed at supporting elderly, disabled citizens and medical staff during the coronavirus pandemic. The Mayor reminded that the capital of Tatarstan quickly developed a platform to help the elderly on the existing Open Kazan platform and was able to organize volunteers in a short time, provide them with transport to deliver food and medicines to the elderly and citizens who are at risk for complications from coronavirus infection.

After greeting the participants of the event, I.Metshin presented honorary awards of Kazan.

The volunteers who fulfilled the largest number of requests for food and medicine delivery received letters of thanks from the Mayor of Kazan.

The awards were presented to the teams of all organizations that provided various types of support during the pandemic

Specifically, I. Metshin thanked the heads of non-profit organizations and individual entrepreneurs for their support. “Many thanks to representatives of Kazan business who provided food packages, charitable foundations that distributed hot meals and hygiene goods to citizens in need”, - the head of the city said.

The head of the city presented awards to the teams of all organizations that provided various types of support during the pandemic. The letters of thanks by the Mayor of the city of Kazan for active participation in the movement “Yardem yanashe! Help is near!” encouraged the staff of the enterprises of the city. Among them are the company Bakhetle, the charity fund of the Altyn eniy company, the Auchan company and many others.

Special thanks were awarded to the Yardam Foundation, which launched the Road of life social project, thanks to which disabled persons received free hot meals, medicines, and masks every day.

The awarding ceremony was accompanied by creative performances, as well as performances of dance and vocal groups. The final song at the event was performed by the Igor Krutoy’s Academy choir.

Fri, 04 Sep 2020 17:05:26 +0300
<![CDATA[In October, the Zarechnaya sewage pumping station to be launched in a test mode ]]> https://kzn.ru/meriya/press-tsentr/novosti/kns-zarechnaya-planiruetsya-zapustit-v-testovom-rezhime-v-oktyabre-tekushchego-goda/

The main works on the construction of the Zarechnaya sewage pumping station (SPS) in Kazan have been completed, and commissioning works are underway at the facility since mid-summer. It is planned to launch the SPS in a test mode in October. Ilsur Metshin, the Mayor of Kazan, inspected the progress of construction and preparation works for the launch of the station.

The Zarechnaya SPS is one of the most important infrastructure facilities of the municipal economy. It will allow us to develop an additional 4 million sq.m. of housing for 250 thousand residents, - said Ilsur Metshin. – According to our colleagues from the Ministry of Construction, Housing and Utilities of Russia, this is the largest project in the housing and utilities sector in Russia over the past five years. Moreover, there is no station of such high capacity with underwater pumps even in Europe.”

The construction of the Zarechnaya station began in 2016 under the investment program of “Vodokanal” and with the support of Tatarstan President Rustam Minnikhanov, the Mayor reminded. “We faced a lot of problems, in particular, the builders found a high head of ground water. We used the latest technologies to solve this issue,”- the head of the city said.

At the first stage, the station will operate with a capacity of up to 15 thousand cubic meters per day and will allow building up to 4 million sq.m. of housing. "This will open up new opportunities for us in the construction of housing and social facilities in Zarechye", – the Mayor emphasized.

Commissioning works at the station began in mid-summer 2020. At the same time, the facility is currently working on finishing the office building, additional regulation of automation units and other types of work.

After commissioning, the SPS will provide wastewater transportation to Aviastroitelny, Kirovsky, Moskovsky, Novo-Savinovsky and part of Sovetsky districts. Currently, this work is the responsibility of the Verkhnaya SPS, whose productivity does not exceed 12 thousand cubic meters per hour. It was put into operation in 1973 and operates without a power reserve with a large overload. After commissioning of the new pumping station, this station will be closed down.

“After the launch of the Zarechnaya sewage pumping station, we would breathe a sigh of relief and won’t worry about the old unsafe station”, - said Andrey Yegorov, Director of the MUE Vodokanal. – Its maintenance requires high repair costs, and the rate paid by the population includes the renovation fund. Therefore, we also expect lowering costs for the customers”.

Despite the fact that the Zarechnaya sewage pumping station is less energy-intensive, it is much more powerful than other similar facilities: at the first stage, the station will provide sewerage to almost half of the city's population. Moreover, at the second stage of construction, it is planned to build two new pressure collectors with a length of more than 10 km and reconstruct the existing collector. According to A. Yegorov, after this, the capacity of the station will increase from 15 to 20 cubic meters per hour, and it will be able to provide additional wastewater transportation to 700 thousand people.


Thu, 03 Sep 2020 11:00:01 +0300
<![CDATA[I.Metshin about the coastal zone of Kazanka along Gavrilov street: “There will a be park of 74 hectares, no more residential development is planned here”]]> https://kzn.ru/meriya/press-tsentr/novosti/i-metshin-o-pribrezhnoy-zone-kazanki-vdol-ul-gavrilova-na-74-ga-razvernetsya-park-i-zhiloy-zastroyki/

74 hectares of the coastal zone of the Kazanka river along Gavrilov street will have the status of a specially protected natural area, there will be no new residential development here. A children's municipal hospital will be built on the territory of 6 hectares. This was stated today by the Mayor of Kazan Ilsur Metshin at the meeting with journalists and bloggers, which was held at the site of the future park.

The development of a strategy for the urban-ecological structure of Kazan has shown that citizens of Novo-Savinovsky district have lack of green areas in comparison with other Kazan residents.

“The pandemic has made some changes. We have understood that residents need public spaces, parks, and squares even more than we thought. Therefore, we decided to assign this zone the status of a specially protected natural area. The park will spread to 74 hectares, and there will be no more residential development here. I do not promise that a landscaped public space will appear here tomorrow, but we are launching the work”, - I.Metshin noted. The head of the city reminded that on the territory of 3 thousand hectares along the Kazanka River, it is planned to create the first urban national park in Russia.

According to the Mayor, this green zone with the participation of ecologists and biologists will turn into landscaped park-with playgrounds, recreation trails and protected areas of a valuable ecosystem.

Ilsur Metshin noted that earlier all this territory was included into the zone for residential development. Now the investors who were planning to develop residential building on the territory, have been proposed to use another site.

There is no detailed project of the park yet. All the issues will be discussed with environmentalists, activists, and citizens. The park on Gavrilov street will be one of 12 parks that will be created as part of the implementation of the Kazanka development strategy.

The second decision made by the Mayor's Office on this territory is also related to the health. At one of the wasteland adjacent to Gavrilov street, with an area of 6 hectares, it is planned to create Children’s Republican Hospital-2-an analog of the municipal hospital №7, but for children. “We see that for rehabilitation, it is important for children to have an opportunity to go out and walk. It affects the health. And children will have such an opportunity here”, - the head of the city explained.

Ilsur Metshin reminded that in 2012, no one thought about imporved public spaces. There were 300 thousand cars for 200 thousand trees in the city at that time. This is how the “Green record” and “100 squares” projects were created. “Together with activists and students of the Architectural Academy, we started this work, and as a result, a large Federal project has grown out of a small step, which was headed by Tatarstan President Rustam Minnikhanov. To date, there are 98 public spaces in Kazan with a total area of 412 hectares. In addition, during this time, we planted 500 thousand trees and shrubs, and we continue this work”, – said the Mayor of Kazan.

Wed, 02 Sep 2020 15:40:52 +0300
<![CDATA[I.Metshin about the new park on Avangardanya street: “Today, it is impossible to call this place an outskirt” ]]> https://kzn.ru/meriya/press-tsentr/novosti/i-metshin-o-novom-skvere-po-ul-avangardnaya-segodnya-yazyk-ne-povorachivaetsya-nazvat-eto-mesto-okra/

Today, Tatarstan President Rustam Minnikhanov visited the Avangard square in the Privolzhsky district of Kazan. He was accompanied by Asgat Safarov, chief of staff of Tatarstan President and Ilsur Metshin, the Mayor of Kazan.

The improvement works of the square on Avangardnaya street began this spring. They provided the necessary conditions for each age group of residents. There are areas for recreation, sports, activities and children's playgrounds.

Rustam Minnikhanov noted that large-scale programs are being implemented in the republic on improvement of yards and creation a comfortable urban environment. “You have a very comfortable public space. I want to congratulate you on this happy event,” Tatarstan President addressed the citizens.

Ilsur Metshin noted that today systematic work is underway to improve the area of the Teplokontrol plant. “Today, it is impossible to call this place an outskirt. The Great Kazan Ring road reached the Teplokontrol area. Today you can reach the downtown and Pobedy Avenue by tram. We still have many plans to improve the territory”, - the Mayor added.

It should be noted that today in all districts of the city complex improvement work is carried out. So, the Bustan sports complex with a pool was built in this residential area before the Universiade, last year – an extension to school № 114, and since 2008, overhaul has been carried out in 22 houses, schools № 48 and 114, and in kindergarten № 320.

In the block bounded by Modelnaya, Avangardnaya, Kulagin and Aktayskaya streets, the Our yard program for 2020-2021 includes 13 yards.

Tatarstan President visited the new square and talked with local residents. Rustam Minnikhanov was also presented with the project of overhaul of the Olymp creativity center for children, Tatarstan President’s Press Office reports.

Tue, 01 Sep 2020 15:00:00 +0300
<![CDATA[Rustam Minnikhanov and Ilsur Metshin visited the Department of food and social nutrition of Kazan]]> https://kzn.ru/meriya/press-tsentr/novosti/rustam-minnikhanov-i-ilsur-metshin-posetili-departament-prodovolstviya-i-sotsialnogo-pitaniya-kazani/

Today, Tatarstan President Rustam Minnikhanov visited the Department of food and social nutrition of Kazan to check its readiness for catering of schoolchildren.

The inspection was attended by the chief of staff of Tatarstan President Asgat Safarov, the Mayor of Kazan Ilsur Metshin, head of Tatarstan Department of the Russian Agency for Health and Consumer Rights Marina Patyashina. Explanations during the inspection were given by the Director General of the Department Rima Mukhamedshina.

The Department of food and social nutrition of Kazan provides catering for educational institutions, preschools and social institutions of the city, as well as adjacent municipal districts.

A presentation of the Department's activities was organized for the visitors. Participants of the meeting got acquainted with samples of products from local manufacturers.

Tatarstan President and Kazan Mayor inspected the unloading zone and assessed the organization of work in the hot meal preparation room. Then they inspected the serving counter with the school menu meals.

The visitors also got acquainted with a menu for primary school children, who will eat free of charge from the new school year. The specially designed menu includes all the necessary diet for children, the menu is being changed every 12 days, Tatarstan President’s Press Office reports.

Tue, 01 Sep 2020 14:48:34 +0300
<![CDATA[Marina Patyashina, the Russian Agency for Health and Consumer Rights: “We need to consider the need for vacations overseas”]]> https://kzn.ru/meriya/press-tsentr/novosti/marina-patyashina-rospotrebnadzor-rt-nuzhno-vzvesit-neobkhodimost-otdykha-za-rubezhom/

Marina Patyashina, head of the Tatarstan Department of the Russian Agency for Health and Consumer Rights, gave recommendations on trips abroad today at the Business Monday at the Executive Committee of Kazan. From August 21, residents can fly from the Tatarstan’s capital airport to Turkey.

According to the new entry requirements, citizens must fill out a special form on the portal of State public services before leaving for the country. Upon arrival in Russia, within three days, it is necessary to do a PCR test on COVID-19 and post the result on the portal. As M.Patyashina noted, there is an opportunity to do tests right at the airport.

“For violation of the requirements, an administrative fine of 15 to 40 thousand rubles is imposed on citizens. We see the entire data upload from the portal of public services with attached analyses for each arriving citizen. If there are no tests within three days, we will prepare papers for the court,” - the speaker emphasized.

In addition, before traveling to Turkey for a vacation, the head of the Tatarstan Department of the Russian Agency for Health and Consumer Rights recommended to consider the need for vacation. According to her, today the situation in the country is quite tense”.

It is recommended to choose official hotels, do not accommodate in the private houses and hostels, avoid public restaurants – eat outside or in the room. It is recommended to avoid traveling by public transport – take a taxi, keep a social distance, wear a mask indoors, and observe preventive measures at the airport and during flights.

Mon, 31 Aug 2020 16:19:20 +0300
<![CDATA[I.Metshin: “Security requirements are the crucial issue today”]]> https://kzn.ru/meriya/press-tsentr/novosti/i-metshin-trebovaniya-bezopasnosti-na-segodnyashniy-den-vopros-nomer-odin/

Marina Patyashina, head of the Tatarstan Department of the Russian Agency for Health and Consumer Rights, spoke at the Business Monday to explain the current restrictions caused by the coronavirus pandemic. The Mayor of Kazan Ilsur Metshin instructed all heads of Executive Committee departments to continue monitoring the monitoring the requirements.

Marina Patyashina reminded that the first case of COVID-19 in Kazan was registered on March 15. To date, 6,509 cases of coronavirus have been confirmed in Tatarstan, more than half of them are in Kazan – 3,400 cases.

“Full-range restrictive measures were introduced in Tatarstan, working teams were separated as much as possible, and enhanced measures of personal and public prevention were imposed. This allowed us to stabilize the situation, and since August 17, we have moved to the third stage of removal restrictions,” - said M.Patyashina.

Currently, all enterprises, service companies, malls, cafes, cinemas, theatres are working, as well limitations on the number of persons in a taxi are removed, the period of isolation for persons over 65 years is canceled, sightseeing tours are allowed.

The open-air activities with the participation of more than 100 people are still prohibited, as well as indoors for more than 50 people, the hookah services and the activities of entertainment centers, discos, night clubs. Children's playgrounds and play rooms in malls, as well as children's entertainment and play centers, are still not allowed to operate.

The wearing of masks and gloves remains mandatory for employees in the service sector – trade, catering and transport. Citizens must wear masks in shops and transport.

M.Patyashina emphasized that all organizations and enterprises must comply with prevention measures. Employees should treat their hands with sanitizers and skin antiseptics. In addition, when entering the building, a "filter" is required, taking the temperature with a non-contact thermometer: in the morning - for employees, during the day - for visitors.

“There is no threatening spread of coronavirus in the republic. However, the threat still remains, everyone should follow the regulations established by the Russian Agency for Health and Consumer Rights. Security requirements are the crucial issue today”, - Ilsur Metshin said.

Mon, 31 Aug 2020 14:56:25 +0300
<![CDATA[Ilsur Metshin: “Today, the dream of my predecessors has come true”]]> https://kzn.ru/meriya/press-tsentr/novosti/ilsur-metshin-segodnya-sbylas-mechta-moikh-predshestvennikov/

Today, on the eve of the City Day and the Republic of Tatarstan, the first stage of the Great Kazan Ring road was opened on the section from Midkhat Bulatov street to Boriskovskaya street with a length of 800 m. The longest tram route in Russia runs through this highway, which was named after the 100th anniversary of the TASSR- its length is 34 km.

Tatarstan President Rustam Minnikhanov, Deputy Chairman of the Russian government, head of the Organizing Committee on preparation and celebration of the 100th anniversary of the TASSR Marat Khusnullin, Russian Minister of transport Yevgeny Dietrich, the Plenipotentiary Representative of the President of the Russian Federation in the Volga Federal district Igor Komarov, the Mayor of Kazan Ilsur Metshin, first Deputy Minister of construction and housing utilities of the Russian Federation Irek Faizullin congratulated citizens of Kazan with the long-awaited opening.

The section of the Great Kazan Ring road from Midkhat Bulatov street to Boriskovskaya street, which construction began in July 2019 under the national project “Safe and high – quality roads”, is an important stage in creating the necessary road bridge for the city.

“Today, the dream of my predecessors has come true – for 50 years, this road, this tram line was included in the city's General Plan of 1969. And half a century later, thanks to the joint efforts of all our leaders, contractors, and builders, this road of life appeared,- said Ilsur Metshin, the Mayor of Kazan. – This is a landmark event for all of us. This road will allow reducing traffic in the downtown, Pobedy Avenue, allowing us to create the longest tram route in Russia. On behalf of all Kazan citizens, I want to thank the leadership of the country and our republic for implementing this project”.

Then, the symbolic opening of the road was held, after which a column of KAMAZ trucks ran through it.

After that, the kickoff of the tram traffic was made. The heads of the republic and its capital, as well as guests of the city, moved on the trams along the highway of the 100th anniversary of the TASSR. New trams that meet all standards and are equipped with a modern control system will run along the Great Kazan Ring road on routes 5 and 5A.


Sat, 29 Aug 2020 18:23:17 +0300
<![CDATA[Ilsur Metshin: “A natural eco-park will be created at the Russian-German Switzerland”]]> https://kzn.ru/meriya/press-tsentr/novosti/ilsur-metshin-v-russko-nemetskoy-shveytsarii-budet-sozdan-prirodnyy-ekopark/

In the center of Kazan, on an area of 317 hectares, the natural park “Russian-German Switzerland” will be developed. It will be designed on the principle of least possible interference into the landscape and ecosystem. Today, the Mayor of the city Ilsur Metshin shared plans for the implementation of this project with Insta-bloggers. The walk was attended by the bloggers Zulfiya Taktashova, Alina Safina, Timur Yeskaraev and others.

The concept of the natural park “Russian-German Switzerlan” was developed by a creative group under the Kazan Mayor’s Office headed by the Deputy chief architect Daria Tolovenkova. The main goal of the project is to preserve the Russian-German Switzerland as a huge eco-park, and to increase the borders of its specially protected natural territories.

The Russian-German Switzerland is a unique territory according to its natural and archaeological features. Many rare plants grow here, and the Red book bird species live there. In accordance with the development Strategy of Kazan, this territory will become part of a large ecosystem of 12 parks that are planned to be created in the city.

The new General plan of Kazan, the entire park is assigned to functional area 400- natural areas and included in the Natural - recreational complex of Kazan. “The General plan of the city has a separate section “Ecology”. This is a scientific document, where all factors are taken into account when developing green sites, - the head of the city told bloggers at the beginning of the meeting. “On this site, we want to preserve this natural area as much as possible pristine”.

Participants of the tour started their journey from the Novatorov railway station towards the spring that flows on the territory of the Russian-German Switzerland.

The head of the city together with bloggers examined a spring with clear water. I. Metshin drew the attention of the participants of the walk to the fact that the entire territory is kept clean and thanked the citizens for this. “There is no garbage, no plastic. This is the merit of local citizens and eco-activists who protect this site”, - he said.

Then, the Mayor escorted the bloggers deep into the park. Fences, steps – everything here is made by the citizens from wood, and during the creation of the park, according to the Mayor, will remain in the same appearance.

On the coastal zone of Kazanka, the concept of the future park was presented to bloggers in more detail. The main task is to increase the area of the specially protected natural territory and thus preserve the unique natural landscape in its original appearance, the Mayor emphasized.

The concept of a natural park involves the preservation of the natural landscape and natural paths. On the territory where valuable and rare plant species grow, access will be restricted.

In the floodplain part of Kazanka, it is planned to build wooden bridges with piers, and plant special grass and shrubs. The park will get an incubation center for particularly valuable species of plants, as well as a tower for bird watching. On the territory of the former young naturalists’ station near the Millennium bridge, it is planned to create an urban eco-center similar to the one that works in the Gorkinsko-Ometyevsk forest.

The tour ended on Podluzhnaya street. The bloggers thanked the head of the city for the opportunity to get acquainted with the concept of eco-park and suggested to hold such activities regularly.

Thu, 27 Aug 2020 19:59:23 +0300
<![CDATA[The art residence of the Sozvezdie-Yoldyzlyk festival opened in Kazan]]> https://kzn.ru/meriya/press-tsentr/novosti/v-kazani-otkrylas-art-rezidentsiya-festivalya-sozvezdie-yoldyzlyk/

In Kazan, the Alafuzov theatre was opened after the renovation, located at 49 Gladilov street. Cultural facility will become an art-residence of the Sozvezdie – Yoldyzlyk festival. Tatarstan President Rustam Minnikhanov, Head of Bashkortostan Radiy Khabirov, the chief of the staff of Tatarstan President Asgat Safarov, Kazan Mayor Ilsur Metshin, Tatarstan Minister of Culture Irada Ayupova and others took part in opening ceremony.

The art residence of the festival was established with the support of Tatarstan President Rustam Minnikhanov, noted Dmitry Tumanov, General producer of the festival, prizewinner of the Russian Government in the area of culture. Creative youth from the regions of Tatarstan will perform in the theater.

Rustam Minnikhanov noted that Tatarstan is proud of the youth movement, which annually involves 70-90 thousand people. Tatarstan President called new theatre Sozvezdie – Yoldyzlyk a worthy gift to the citizens of the 100th anniversary of the TASSR. “You can create here, - said Rustam Minnikhanov. – A new point on the cultural map of Kazan will give an impetus to the entire Kirovsky district of the city”.

For information, the building of the Alafuzov theater (built more than 110 years ago), previously occupied by the Kazan Tatar State Theater of the young spectator named after G. Kariev , which is a historical monument of national significance, was transferred to the Sozvezdie-Yoldyzlyk festival. On behalf of Tatarstan President of Rustam Minnikhanov, the project of renovation of the theatre building and adjacent area was developed, Tatarstan President’s Press Office reports.

Thu, 27 Aug 2020 14:01:14 +0300
<![CDATA[Rustam Minnikhanov, Radiy Khabirov and Ilsur Metshin visited the embankment of Kaban Lake]]> https://kzn.ru/meriya/press-tsentr/novosti/prezident-rt-rustam-minnikhanov-oznakomilsya-s-khodom-blagoustroystva-naberezhnoy-ozera-kaban-/

Today, Tatarstan President Rustam Minnikhanov and Head of Bashkortostan Radiy Khabirov visited the embankment of Kaban Lake. They got acquainted with the renovation of the favorite recreation site of Kazan residents. The chief of staff of Tatarstan President Asgat Safarov, Mayor of Kazan Ilsur Metshin and others also visited the public space.

The participants of the meeting walked along the landscaped embankment, viewed art objects, and talked with visitors.

Natalia Fishman-Bekmambetova, aide to Tatarstan President, conducted a tour of the embankment. She said that the Kaban lake system is a unique natural monument and the largest lake system in Tatarstan with a water area of 193 ha. The improvement of embankment is part of the program of development of public spaces of Tatarstan, Tatarstan President’s Press Office reports.

In May, the section along Marjani street from Shigabutdin Marjani monument to Tatarstan street was opened for citizens. A site near the theatre named after G. Kamal was improved, boat rent is available here, and an extensive pedestrian zone was developed here, as well as a dedicated bike path.

This year, the second stage of renovation is being completed. There will be several cascades of water treatment facilities, a multifunctional rowing school building, a barbecue area and a sports pier for functional training.

Thu, 27 Aug 2020 13:25:36 +0300
<![CDATA[Made in TASSR: KAMAZ toy guns, Idel-001 tape recorder and Tasma tape]]> https://kzn.ru/meriya/press-tsentr/novosti/made-in-tassr-igrushechnye-pistolety-kamaz-magnitofon-idel-001-i-fotoplenka-tasma/

Many citizens of the capital of Tatarstan remember the KAMAZ toy guns, Idel-001tape recorder, Kazan toy helicopter - these and other items of the Soviet era. The Museum of the social lifestyle offers to the citizens and visitors of Kazan see them and find out other goods produced in the Tatar ASSR. Rustem Valiakhmetov, director of the Museum, told the correspondent of the portal KZN.RU about the most interesting exhibits.

People came from all over the Soviet Union to buy Tasma cassettes and tape

During the Soviet Union, much attention was paid to the development of radio engineering, almost every republic produced this kind of equipment. For example, the Kazan tape player was produced in the Tatar ASSR-for playing both records and cassettes.

The Idel-001 tape recorder was a high-tech device, which many young people wanted to buy. “It was very prestigious and cost a lot”, - said the Director of the Social lifestyle Museum. – It was the time of Beatlemania, and then the hearts of Soviet citizens were captured by disco and rock. Therefore, many people wanted to have such a tape recorder, and it was made in Kazan”.

The Tasma plant was famous throughout the Soviet Union. It produced cassettes and coils of audio and photographic film. Experts highly appreciated the quality of sound recordings and photos taken with this product.

KAMAZ manufactured not only trucks, but also children's guns

Few people know that the famous KAMAZ plant produced not only vehicles, but also pistols for children! The brand of the famous auto plant can be seen on the exhibit, which is stored in the Kazan Museum of Social lifestyle.

On a separate stand in the Museum there are pins that were produced in different times in the republic of Tatarstan and, in particular, in Kazan. Some of them are dedicated to the 800th anniversary of the capital of the republic. There are also pins depicting the symbols of the city – the Kazan Kremlin, the Soyembika tower, the Kazan University, and the circus.

Celebrities in the city: Yuri Gagarin, Muslim Magomayev and Vladimir Vysotsky

During the Soviet period, many famous people visited the republic. For example, the pilot-cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin - his photo taken in the Volga camp near Kazan is presented in the Museum of Social lifestyle. Muslim Magomayev, Alla Pugachova and Vladimir Vysotsky visited the capital of the republic in different years.

TASSR was the birthplace of many famous people. For example, the musician Aleksander Dobrynin was born in Tatar ASSR. A record signed by the singer is kept in the Museum.

Another native of the Kazan province – an electrical engineer who introduced a number of innovations in the field of magnetic sound and video recording, broadcasting, Aleksander Ponyatov. He founded the Ampex company in America, which produced the first commercial video recorder. One of the devices of this company is now represented in the Museum.

Photos that are stored in the Museum help to plunge into the atmosphere of the previous century. They depict students, factory workers, journalists, schoolchildren, and citizens participating in demonstrations.

Postcards and books in the Tatar language are also represented in the Museum.

Many exhibits dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the Tatar ASSR are currently represented at the Tatar cultural center in Moscow, as well as in Antalya (Turkey). Earlier, the exhibition has been presented at the State Duma of the Russian Federation. “The history of Kazan and Tatarstan is interesting to many, both in Russia and abroad”, - Rustem Valiakhmetov noted.

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<![CDATA[I.Metshin about the Maksat new football arena: “Children will train here free of charge”]]> https://kzn.ru/meriya/press-tsentr/novosti/i-metshin-o-novom-futbolnom-manezhe-maksat-deti-budut-trenirovatsya-zdes-besplatno/

In Kazan, the construction of the Maksat new football arena, located on Mavlyutov street, is being completed. Today, Kazan Mayor Ilsur Metshin visited the venue together with representatives of the municipal and republican media. The head of the city drew the attention of journalists to the quality of the football pitch in the arena and told that this is the latest generation of turf.

The new arena is located on the territory bounded by Tankovaya, Mavlyutov and Bratiev Kasimovykh streets. This is one of two sports venues that are being built in the capital of Tatarstan on the initiative of President Rustam Minnikhanov to mark the 100th anniversary of the republic. Its construction began in December 2019. The size of a football pitch with artificial turf is 90x45 m. In addition to the football field, the arena has eight locker rooms, a medical room, and storage rooms for equipment, a lobby and a cafe for visitors and staff.

The front of the arena is decorated with portraits of outstanding football players-Nikolai Sentyabrev, Lev Yashin, Galimzyan Khusainov, Viktor Kolotov, Vagiz Khidiyatullin, Kurban Berdyev, Gokdeniz Karadeniz and Lionel Messi.

The head of the city drew the attention of journalists to the quality of the football pitch in the arena and told that this is the latest generation of turf, not all professional football clubs have it.

“Children will train here free of charge”, - I.Metshin explained.

In the evening, the arena will be open to citizens and football fans. Moreover, it will work all year round.

The Mayor said that 2670 boys and 215 girls are professionally practice football at nine children's sports schools in Kazan. At the same time, in 2010 14 thousand people practiced this sport, while now this number has exceeded 19 thousand. These are both amateurs and trainees of the youth sport school. In the last decade, the number of open football grounds in Kazan has increased by 60% – from 65 to 165.

Two new indoor arenas, which will open in Kazan by the decision of Tatarstan President on the eve of the 100th anniversary of the republic, will give new opportunities, said I. Metshin. For information, the second arena – for football and rugby-is being built on Chuikov street.

“Not every child will become a professional football player, but each of them will carry the love of sports through their entire life. Besides, talking about football, it is a team sport. Boys who grow up in a team spirit become good people. Our goal is to engage children to play football, as well as in other sports”, - I.Metshin said.

Now, the work on the venue is completed by 90%. Builders make landscaping, complete the facade and interior work. The entire territory is equipped with video surveillance. Construction of the arena will be completed on September 10.


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