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07.10.2020, 09:33
The Mayor of Kazan spoke at the Forum of Mayors of the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe 2020.
05.10.2020, 11:46
Raids on observance of a mask regime are proceeded in transport and shops of the city.
01.10.2020, 17:25
The Mayor of Kazan, President of UNACLA spoke at the opening ceremony of the International Conference on the Rome Charter on participation in cultural life.
01.10.2020, 14:31
The municipal Philharmonic performers, the Kazan dance ensemble, and the Kazan Nury folk instrument orchestra performed for the elderly.
30.09.2020, 13:33
Members of government, celebrities, and famous athletes will participate in the race.
30.09.2020, 13:08
Representatives of the hospitality industry took part in planting 30 Rowan spirea seedlings.
29.09.2020, 14:21
Prior the army, all conscripts will be vaccinated against flu and chickenpox, pneumococcal and meningococcal infections.
29.09.2020, 11:32
Health schools for the elderly are also being established in the republic.
28.09.2020, 12:54
The tourism industry in Kazan is actively recovering from the crisis caused by the pandemic.