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09.05.2020, 12:07
The ceremony was attended by R.Minnikhanov, A.Pesoshin, F.Mukhametshin, M.Shaimiev, I.Metshin and others.
08.05.2020, 12:22
The command to raise the flag in video mode was given by Boris Kuznetsov, Hero of the Soviet Union.
08.05.2020, 11:35
Participants of the convoy congratulated 93-year-old Illarion Lyapustin on the 75th anniversary of the Victory and held a concert near his home.
07.05.2020, 15:04
Makhmut Gareyev belongs to the generation that snatched the victory from fascism with its own hands, the Mayor of Kazan noted.
07.05.2020, 11:49
41 infected people live in Kazan
06.05.2020, 13:25
Families will receive such packages every two weeks during two months.
02.05.2020, 13:54
Tatarstan President and Kazan Mayor took part in tree planting in Victory park.
01.05.2020, 10:31
Kazan Mayor instructed contractors to provide arena with a warm-up area, as well as a workout zone.
30.04.2020, 09:46
The Mayor of Kazan visited the backstage of the Tatar Theater of Young Spectators named after G.Kariyev, which introduces viewers with online performances.
29.04.2020, 13:20
The heating season will be extended at the request of citizens at houses where the heating has not yet been turned off.