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19.04.2019, 15:17

The embankment of Kaban Lake is prepared for summer in Kazan

(KZN.RU, April 19). Active preparation for summer is carried out on the embankment of Kaban Lake in Kazan. Dendrologists regularly fertilize trees, bushes, and perennials that wake up, and by the end of May, they plan to return plants that were transferred to summer greenhouses for the winter period.

After the snow melted, landscape designers conducted molding pruning of ornamental apple, bird cherry, willow, maples and lime trees planted last year. 198 new trees and 6808 shrubs appeared with the improvement of the first stage of the embankment. Some of the plants were taken from Kaban Lake in winter and placed in summer greenhouses such as a tropical plant eichornia and water lilies. It is planned to return the heat-loving plants with the onset of around-the-clock positive air temperature and warming of the water in the lake, approximately at the end of May, reports in the Directorate of Parks and Squares.

With the onset of spring, the work on sanitary pruning of trees has started in all Kazan parks and squares. And tomorrow Kazan citizens will be able to join the improvement of parks and other public spaces in the capital of Tatarstan. The citywide volunteer subbotnik organized in the city of Tatarstan will be held as part of the city’s month of sanitary cleaning.

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