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27.03.2020, 17:21
Other measures were approved to support business community during the meeting with entrepreneurs.
26.03.2020, 17:10
Preschools will continue operation from March 28 to April 5.
25.03.2020, 14:07
On March 28, the Executive Committee, City Hall and district administration buildings will turn off lights for one hour.
25.03.2020, 10:51
Most of the budget funds were allocated for the development of the social services.
24.03.2020, 15:46
Senior citizens are advised to stay at home and avoid public places.
24.03.2020, 14:07
From March 23, no more than 20 people, including cameramen, can present at the ceremonies.
23.03.2020, 15:10
Travelers are advised to postpone their trips to a later period
23.03.2020, 13:00
Extra beds are set up in Kazan hospitals, resident doctors of medical schools and colleges are enlisted in work at medical facilities.
20.03.2020, 16:27
Electric transport vehicles in Kazan are being cleaned daily with antiseptics
19.03.2020, 16:01
After the reconstruction, the community center will have a cinema hall, and the park will have a theater, sports and play grounds.