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28.08.2019, 13:23

A puppet show, concert and master classes are organized on the Kremlin Embankment on City Day

(KZN.RU, August 28). On August 30, City Day will be celebrated on the Kremlin Embankment. The festive program will begin at 1 pm.

Master classes, face painting, board and virtual games will be organized on the site for children and adolescents.

From 1.30 pm, the little Kazan citizens will become spectators of the theatrical puppet musical performance “Magic Flower and Gingerbread Man” on the embankment pier.

At 2 pm, the concert “Dream City, Victory City!” will begin on the stage, where rock band Guitardo, cover band Neepers, guitar trio Desperado, and other artists will perform, said the organizers. 

The cultural and entertainment program on August 30 will take place at several sites in Kazan.
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