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19.03.2020, 16:01

Ilsur Metshin inspected the reconstruction of the Said-Galiyev community center in Derbyshki

Today, the Mayor of Kazan Ilsur Metshin inspected the reconstruction works of the community center and the adjacent park. The reconstruction project provides for the restoration of the original appearance of the community center. The building will have a comprehensive concert hall and a full- fledged cinema.

Three-storeyed building of the Said-Galiyev community center was built in the village of Derbyshki in 1959. The building is a newly identified cultural heritage site of the Stalinist era. The renovation started last year and should be completed at the end of the second quarter of 2020, in time for the celebration of the 100th anniversary of the TASSR.

The Mayor was told about the special aspects of work in this building. So, the main hall will accommodate 560 spectators. Due to the fact that the aisleways were widened in front of the stage, there will also be seats for disabled persons. According to Dinar Badrutdinov, Director General of the contractor organization SK Altyn group, it is planned to preserve and restore the stucco molding with Soviet symbols above the stage. On the stage, the rotating circle was preserved: the masters replaced the spinning mechanism, and the podium has been restored. The orchestra pit at the front of the stage will be equipped with a lifting mechanism, so that the musicians will be able to perform on the same level as the stage.

It is interesting to note, that special attention was paid to the restoration of the large Soviet-era chandelier in this hall. Experts will restore it to its original form.

The Mayor of Kazan was also informed about the interim results of the reconstruction of the foyer. The Mayor also inspected the space where the exhibition hall will appear. According to the head of the Department of culture Azat Abzalov, there will be an exhibition about the history of factories located in Derbyshki, about the history of Leningrad citizens.

Then, Ilsur Metshin inspected the small hall where chamber events will take place. According to D.Badrutdinov, stationary projection devices will be installed here for the organization of a full -fledged municipal cinema. “In Soviet times, good movies were shown here. A 120- seat hall is the optimal solution. Citizens of Derbyshki will no longer have to spend time on the road to the city to go to the cinema, they will be able to walk here with their children. This will also attract young people”, - said I.Metshin.

He also thanked the constructors and restorers for the good quality of repairs and respectful approach. “Not all capital cities have theaters of this level, for some regions it’s a fortune to have at least one theater like this. We have also Lenin, Moskovsky, Saidash, railway workers ' community centers. Cultural sites are never too much. Now we are returning the worthy title of the capital's community centers. We are looking forward to the opening, because this is a great gift to the city in the year of TASSR anniversary”, - the Mayor concluded.

The Mayor of Tatarstan capital got acquainted with the improvement project of the territory adjacent to the community center. “We will keep the park space in the same style – the classic Stalinist Empire. During the public discussions, people supported the idea of preserving and restoring the nostalgic aspect”, - said Daria Tolovenkova, deputy chief architect of Kazan.

“It is important for us to preserve the history, patriotic theme, taking into account all the wishes of the citizens and reflecting in this park not only thing of the past, but also the future, because life goes ahead. Then the life of Derbyshki citizens in the new park will start playing in a new way”, - I.Metshin said.

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I. Metshin inspected the reconstruction of the community center named after Said -Galiyev
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19.03.2020 15:23
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