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18.01.2021, 15:39

I.Metshin on the creation of the largest ecosystem along the Kazanka River: “There is nothing like this throughout the country”

In the capital of Tatarstan, next to the historical waterway, it is planned to develop 12 coastal parks, with total area 1536 ha.

The largest ecosystem consisting of 12 coastal parks along the Kazanka River, unique for Russia, will be created in the capital of Tatarstan. The Mayor of Kazan Ilsur Metshin today at the Business Monday at the Executive Committee of the city noted the importance of the project, which is recognized as an environmental, economic, educational resource for the sustainable development of the city.

The head of the city thanked Tatarstan President Rustam Minnikhanov, who initiated the strategy of development of the Kazanka River coastal territories, as well as the government of the republic. “There is nothing like this throughout the country. We hope that gradually in the near future we will see the first islands of a large environmentally important project for Kazan”, - the Mayor expressed hope.

Ilsiyar Tukhvatullina, the chief architect of the city, told about the characteristics of the development strategy of the Kazanka River coastal territories. The project covers an area of 3 thousand hectares from the Blue Lakes to the Volga and is designed to unite the city around the country's first national park within the city boarders, she said. It is planned to create 12 coastal parks. “The total area of new parks around Kazanka will be 1536 ha– this is the size of 5 central parks in New York. Implementation of the strategy will allow increasing the size of park areas in Kazan by five times. The length of the coastline within the city will be 68 km”, - said the chief architect of the city.

The first implemented project of the strategy was the embankment from the Kazan National center to the Millennium Bridge. A street stage and an amphitheater opened at the embankment as an extension of the National Library, mini-golf and volleyball grounds, multifunctional green areas. Landscaping of the embankment continued near the Millennium Bridge, where the Uram extreme park opened last summer.

According to I. Tukhvatullina, within the framework of the concept, a Knowledge park will be established under the building of the Tatarstan National Library, it will symbolically continue the educational function of the territory.

The project of the “Russian-German Switzerland” eco-park is designed to set new trends in approaches to natural areas. The Russian-German Switzerland will become a space for eco-friendliness, eco therapy trainings and intellectual recreation in the city center and a place for inspiration by natural and cultural heritage,”- the chief architect shared the plans.

Ilsiyar Tukhvatullina believes the Manzara Park with a view of the Kremlin from the park Kyrlay will be popular in any season of the year. “In the summer, you can walk and learn about the history of the city on bicycle and hiking tours – or just relax on the main city beach. In winter, an outdoor ice rink will work in the park“, - the chief architect said.

One of the best landscape architects in France – Michel Pena-will develop a project for the development of the territory along Sibgat Khakim Street from the Millennium Bridge to the Kremlin (Leninskaya) Dam. On this site there will be a park “Gardens at Kazanka”, which will stretch from the Kazan Family Center to the Riviera entertainment complex.

In the Admiralteiskaya Sloboda there will be a park Old Kazanka, where it is planned to hold thematic events that reveal the identity of the historical area, as well as seasonal fairs and lectures. The festival site will also be created on the territory of the Central Stadium of Kazan.

The new park near the Ak Bars Arena stadium will unite the main sports venues of the city and become a center where existing sports communities are being improved and new ones are being formed.

The park Bay of Kazanka along the railway near the Livadia sanatorium will be the main meeting place for fans of extreme water sports.

According to the chief architect, the largest ecological park in the city will be the Park of Five Rivers in the area of the inflow of small rivers to Kazanka and to the Blue Lakes.

The Su Alany eco-park from the Borisoglebskoye airfield will become the main scientific and educational park of Kazanka, as well as the center for the development of programs for the green economy of the republic.

Another big project is the creation of the Savinovo district park, where residents can walk along the green embankment, and discover more in the history of the district. Ilsur Metshin emphasized that a lot of work has been done on Gavrilov Street to preserve green spaces.

Speaking in general about the strategy of development of the coastal areas of Kazanka, the Mayor noted that the project mainly is designed to improve the ecology of the city. “As the Mayor, it is important for me that we leave natural areas, release them from construction and make environmentally important decisions for the city-decisions for the future”, - the Mayor said.

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