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16.07.2019, 14:20

Little “conductor” Ilya Rubtsov took the tour on the PATP-4

(KZN.RU, July 16, Alina Berezhnaya). The Kazan PATP-4 plans to conduct tours for the children of employees. During a visit to a motor company, the guys will be able to find out what kind of bodies and engines a bus has, see how vehicles are repaired, and visit the driver’s cab. The first tour route was tested by 9-year-old Ilya Rubtsov, a son of the bus driver of route №54 Alexey Rubtsov.

A few weeks ago, a picture of a small “conductor” Ilya Rubtsov in a Kazan bus appeared on one of the city publics. As it turned out, the boy asked his father to take him to work. In the bus, he helped the conductor issue tickets to passengers for several stops. The management of PATP-4 appreciated the desire of the boy to get closer to the work of the driver and conductor and invited him to the company for a tour.

Ilya has been interested in technology since childhood. He knows about the work of a public transport driver from his father’s stories. Alexey Rubtsov has been a bus driver for 18 years. “I like to spend time with my father; I even help him repair the car. I also want to be a bus driver. It was always interesting for me to see my father at work”, said Ilya.

Albert Davletshin, the deputy director for the operation of the MUP PATP-4, showed Ilya how a gas-powered bus works. The boy sat behind the wheel of a bus and learned how to open and close the doors by buttons.

Ilya saw the process of repairing buses. Albert Davletshin said that before each run, buses pass mandatory testing, and if there are any faults, they are immediately fixed. Before the run, the buses are washed at special car washes.

The boy also learned how the conductor serves the passengers. Ilya listened about the principle of work of the new validators. “These are new devices for issuing tickets to passengers; press one button and the ticket goes out”, Elena Semeleva, the head of conductors at the MUP PATP-4, explained to Ilya.

At the end of the tour, Ilya received a set of a school student. Anna Sagitova, the deputy director of the MUP PATP-4 on legal and administrative issues, wished the boy success in the new academic year and invited him to work at the enterprise in the future.

Such tours for the children of the staff of PATP-4 are planned to be made regular. “Children are always interested to see where and how their parents work. Perhaps this will be our contribution to the professional orientation of children so that they follow the example of their parents to work for the enterprise”, said A. Sagitova.

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Little “conductor” Ilya Rubtsov took the tour on the PATP-4
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