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17.07.2019, 13:05

Denis Kalinkin inspected the progress of the overhaul of housing and social facilities in Kazan

(KZN.RU, July 17, Alena Miroshnichenko). The overhaul of apartment buildings and social facilities continues in Kazan. The work was performed by 58% in the housing stock, in educational institutions by 32%, and in children's teen clubs by 72%.

Denis Kalinkin, the head of the Kazan Executive Committee, inspected the objects, which are currently overhauled behind schedule. He instructed the representatives of the contracting organizations to correct the plans and complete the overhaul on time. The head of the Executive Committee inspected the work in the kindergarten of the combined type №368 of the Aviastroitelny district and residential buildings at the addresses: Yubileinaya Street, №11, Richard Zorge Street, №16, 16a, 93, 93a, and 95.

According to Iskander Giniyatullin, the deputy head of the Executive Committee in charge of housing and communal services, this year it is planned to repair 234 apartment buildings for 1.8 billion rubles, 16 kindergartens, and 1 boarding school for 651.6 million rubles, and 14 teen clubs for 43 million rubles.

The district administrations and the Housing and Communal Services Committee hold weekly headquarters overhaul meetings where the implementation of the program is discussed, and all issues are resolved. In addition, experts go to the problem sites with the inspection every week.

As Denis Kalinkin was told by Damir Karimullin, the deputy director of the contracting organization OOO “Restavrator”, there are no basements in building №11 on Yubileinaya Street, built more than 60 years ago. Thus, all communications take place under the floor of each apartment. “This complicates the repair, as it is necessary to enter each apartment. But the work still goes on, now we are repairing the entrances, changing the heating, sewage and cold water supply systems”, said a company representative.

Despite the large amount of work carried out, the overhaul at the facility was completed by only 2%. I. Giniyatullin marked that it is necessary to complete all work related to heating systems before the heating season in the house begins. In addition, they must not forget about the limitations on the seasonality of repair of the roof and facades. Rustem Khasanov, the director of the OOO “Restavrator”, assured that the overhaul of the house is scheduled to be completed no later than September 31. Sergey Mironov, the head of the Kirovsky and Moskovsky districts’ administration, also assured Denis Kalinkin that the contractor would perform the work on time. “If 8 people will work at each entrance, they will catch up with the deadlines. We hope that the contractor will not fail, we will monitor their work”, he added.

Denis Kalinkin also examined kindergarten №368, one of the largest kindergartens included in the overhaul program for 2019. The works there are 27% completed; the deadline for the object is September 1. Now workers are repairing the roof, windows, entrances, the facade of the building, as well as communications. They are changing the systems of electricity and water supply, heating, low-voltage system and ventilation. In addition, it is planned to install new bathrooms, internal doors, blind areas, to equip the surrounding area and recreational areas during the overhaul.

As Iskander Giniyatullin told Denis Kalinkin, the contractor is behind schedule in the delivery of the object. The quality of the roof repair also has flaws; it leaks in some places. “We believe that there are not enough people working here. A similar number of workers (52) are involved at a smaller area, you need to increase it”, said I. Giniyatullin, addressing the contractor Rais Shafigullin, the director of OOO “Raduga Plus”.

Also, within the framework of the on-site meeting, the head of the Executive Committee inspected residential buildings on Zorge Street. Different contractors work in a five-story building, divided into two addresses. Thus, the OOO “Sural Story” completed the planned work by 18% in the house №16. The OOO “Kreit” serves the house №16a; they completed work by 62%. I. Giniyatullin noted that the work is underway, and shortly, these houses can be excluded from the list those behind time.

The quality of the overhaul of houses №93, 93a, and 95 on Zorge Street received complaints from residents. Several apartments were flooded during the repair of the roof in the rain. “The storm drainers funnel was filled with construction debris, so the water did not flow through the storm sewer, but around it”, reported I. Giniyatullin to the head of the Executive Committee. As a result, the contractor was obliged to compensate the residents for the damage caused.

Denis Kalinkin instructed the representatives of contracting organizations to adjust the schedules of works to complete the overhaul on time.

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Denis Kalinkin inspected the overhaul progress in the housing and social facilities of Kazan
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17.07.2019 13:10
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