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29.05.2019, 13:00

Azat Nigmatzyanov: “People need housing, not 80 builders. The house should be delivered!”

A. Nigmatzyanov demanded that the OOO “Ak Tash” accelerate work on the first house of deceived shareholders in the RC “Molodezhny”.

(KZN.RU, May 29, Ksenia Shvetsova). Azat Nigmatzyanov, the first deputy head of the Executive Committee, demanded to accelerate the work and complete the construction of the first house in the residential complex “Molodezhny” in the Noksinsky Spusk. It was said at the meeting held today in the Executive Committee of the city.

The 20-storey building №1 on Noksinsky Spusk Street in the RC Molodezhny is being completed by the OOO “Ak Tash”. The company began work last fall at the expense of land allocated to it. According to the schedule approved by Gazinur Akhmetov, the company’s director, it was planned to complete the construction in July. However, the contractor is lagging from the plan.

“80 people work at the site, installation works are being carried out. We are actively working. But there are constraints and a number of issues on the technical side, which are still being resolved”, explained Dmitry Klykov, the first deputy director of the OOO “Ak Tash”.

“I am not interested in words, actions are needed. There is a deadline, and this deadline must be met and done”, replied A. Nigmatzyanov. “People need housing, not 80 builders. The house must be delivered”.

Today, an option is being considered for the allocation of a land plot to the OOO “Ak Tash” by the Ministry of Land and Property Relations of the RT in the 33rd military camp. The construction company promises to complete not only the first but also the second house in the residential complex “Molodezhny”. Today, the construction of a second house is being conducted in parallel with the first.

In total, 5 apartment buildings are in the residential complex “Molodezhny”, two of them were delivered. The construction of the fifth house can be resumed at the expense of federal funds.

Ilshat Gimaev, the deputy minister of Construction, Architecture and Housing and Communal Services of the RT, reported earlier on the subject. The Ministry applied to the Unified Institute for Housing Development Dom.RF with a request to consider the possibility of financing the construction of this object and house №3 in the RC “MChS”.

“Now a list of regions is being formed, where federal funds will be directed. Tatarstan is considered as a priority”, said Ivan Novikov, the head of the Fund for the Support of Shareholders. “But there should be partial co-financing from the republican budget in any case”.

At the end of the meeting, A. Nigmatzyanov once again urged contractors to accelerate the pace of work in order to deliver the first house of the RC “Molodezhny” on time.

Marat Samigullin, the head of the Department of Major Construction, representatives of the Sovetsky district’s administration, the MUP “Vodokanal”, Kazan Thermal Network Company, Sergey Orlov, the deputy director of GC “Fon”, experts of the Committee for External Improvement and others also took part in the meeting.

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Azat Nigmatzyanov held a meeting on the issue of deceived shareholders, 05/29/2019
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29.05.2019 13:07
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