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10.07.2018, 13:37

Swan Siegfried from the park “Chernoe Ozero” is well

(KZN.RU, July 10, Ksenia Shvetsova). The male swan named Siegfried that was delivered last night to the ornithological center is well. His condition does not cause concern. At the moment, the question of the future fate of the bird is being decided. It is possible that he will return to the “Chernoe Ozero” company of another female. Alsu Saetova, the director of the MBU “Directorate of Parks and Squares of Kazan”, told this to the journalists at the press-scrum.

This morning, it became known that one of the swans living in the park “Chernoe Ozero” last night was attacked by a stray dog. Unfortunately, the female swan named Odile could not be saved. “Officers of the police and the directorate quickly moved to the site. According to their information, the dog was alone without a muzzle and a collar, so there is a suggestion that it was a stray dog”, noted A. Saetova.

The second swan did not suffer fr om the attack. Now Siegfried is under the supervision of ornithologists and does not show cause any concern. The question of wh ere Siegfried will live now is not yet decided. It will depend on whether the male will be able to reconcile with the loss and continue his life with the new female. “On the one hand, black swans are very dedicated birds and practically live their whole life with one partner”, explained Alsu Saetova. “But on the other hand, they have not yet reached puberty”. They were only about a year old, and the sexual maturity of black swans comes in 2.5-3 years. Therefore, it is likely that he will still accept a new female”.

The Directorate does not catch stray dogs. This is the responsibility of a special organization that has a contract for catching stray animals. Employees of the service for catching animals leave for a place only after receiving the signal or complaints of the population. There were a lot of complaints about stray dogs in the park “Chernoe Ozero”, but experts did not find any animals there.

The swans were not very fond of the specially built house and spent much more time on the lawn near the lake. The house meets all the requirements, it is designed as comfortable as possible. “They found a more convenient alternative in the form of lawns. In particular, due to the fact that there were people who fed them”, said A. Saetova.

During the time that the birds lived on the lake, the citizens grew very fond of them and even create a small group of volunteers who explained to the visitors of the park that swans must not be fed bread and asked to treat them carefully. A. Saetova also added that the installation of fences in the city park was not considered since it is inconvenient for visitors.

The round-the-clock protection, which was attached to the birds during their first month in the park, was lifted in early July. As A. Saetova explained, hiring security guards for a longer period was not planned. It was done more in order to establish a culture of communication between people and birds. At the time when the security was working, there were no dogs. And during the championship and for the summer period, the police patrol was strengthened in the park, as well as in other public places of the city. “The budget for the maintenance of parks doesn’t include the security, so we were forced to stop it. In general, the issue of protection with the involvement of private security companies has long required attention. Vandals spoiled a huge number of street lamps at the end of last year in the park. But we must understand that this issue requires very substantial financial investments”, said A. Saetova. She added that the security just in the park “Chernoe Ozero” would cost a million rubles a year.

Perhaps, in a short time, Siegfried will return to the “Chernoe Ozero” in the company of a new female. “We hope that the citizens will treat these birds with the same love in the future”, said A. Saetova.

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The press scrum in the park "Chernoe Ozero", 07/10/2018
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