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30.11.2021, 17:09

International train, yoga in Tatar and seminars for teachers: the results of the Year of Native Languages were discussed in Kazan

Deputy Chairperson of Tatarstan State Council Marat Akhmetov supported the ideas of activists, which are planned to be implemented in 2022.

A train of native languages, yoga in Tatar and seminars for teachers - projects implemented in Kazan on the occasion of the Year of Native Languages and National Unity were discussed today in school No.12 of the Moskovsky district. Deputy Chairperson of Tatarstan State Council Marat Akhmetov, Deputy Head of the Executive Committee of Kazan on Social Issues Guzel Sagitova, heads of administrations of city districts, heads of departments of the Executive Committee, as well as Kazan activists participated in the round table.

Tik Tok videos and Tatar language for public transport drivers

“In 2020 and 2021 we held meetings with activists very often and outlined plans together. All the ideas that I heard then, I immediately wanted to put into practice”, - Guzel Sagitova said, opening the meeting.

One of the first projects implemented in the capital of Tatarstan in the Year of Native Languages and National Unity was a series of short videos on the basics of the Tatar language, which allow learning most common phrases. Until the end of the year, they are showed on social networks and digital screens in the subway. One of the authors of the project was the teacher of the native language and literature of the lyceum No.11 “Unber” Rashat Yakupov. He said that twenty videos were produced, the project is planned to be continued. Deputy Chairperson of Tatarstan State Council Marat Akhmetov supported the project, and activists will present him scenarios for new videos in the near future.

In the Year of Native Languages and National Unity, the service workers were able to study the Tatar language thanks to the educational classes. According to the author of the idea, Rashat Yakupov, tourists who hear Tatar speech can easily get acquainted with national identity.

During the round table, it was proposed to develop such classes for public transport workers.

In addition, a number of seminars for teachers of the Tatar language is currently underway in the city, which are aimed at improving the skills of teachers so that school lessons become more interesting.

New projects to be implemented in schools

In September, a special train started running in the Kazan metro. The train consists of six cars, which are decorated with ethnic symbols. Residents and visitors of Kazan can get acquainted with popular phrases and expressions in Russian, Tatar, Mari, Chuvash, Mordovian, Udmurt, Georgian and other languages.

Guzel Sagitova drew attention to the fact that Tatarstan districts have taken interest in the project.

The Harakatte – barakat (Life in motion) project was very popular among the residents of the city in the summer season. This is a series of open dance and sports classes in the Tatar language. In total, from June 3 to September 26, 14 classes were held in six public spaces of the city. Kazan residents had an opportunity to practice yoga, breathing practices, as well as to attend dancing master classes.

The project will continue next year on the basis of 20 schools in Kazan. In addition, it is planned to launch a project called “Seyle!” in another 20 schools. “Professional artists will come to schools and give speech classes”, - said the deputy head of the Executive Committee.

The participants of the round table also discussed other projects implemented in 2021.

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The round table devoted to the Year of Native Languages and National Unity
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30.11.2021 15:09
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