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28.05.2019, 11:20

On May 31, Kazan citizens will see the “The Tale of Wandering” on the embankment of Kaban Lake

(KZN.RU, May 28). On the eve of Children's Day, Kazan citizens will be shown the famous fantasy of 1983. The full-length feature film “The Tale of Wanderings” directed by Alexander Mitta will be screened on the embankment of Kaban Lake.

“The Tale of Wandering” is a joint production of the USSR (“Mosfilm”), Czechoslovakia (“Barrandov”) and Romania (“Bukureshti”). The story tells about two poor orphan siblings May and Martha living in the small princedom. They were beggars by choice, because the boy May had a magical gift to find gold: the closer the gold, the more May had a headache. The sister forbade May to his her gift, not wanting her brother to suffer. On Christmas Day, the villain Gorgon kidnaps May, hoping to get rich with the boy's extraordinary abilities. Martha goes looking for her brother and meets Orlando, an inventor, doctor, poet, philosopher, tramp, and thinker. Together they travel around the world in search of May, overcoming all sorts of obstacles and temptations.

The beginning of the screening is at 9 pm, the entrance to the film screening is free, reports the press service of the Directorate of “Time of Cinema”.

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