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25.01.2019, 13:50

The current budget of Kazan for 2019 has been changed

(KZN.RU, January 25, Alena Miroshnichenko). The current budget of Kazan for 2019 has been changed. The expenditure part of the city budget increased by 480 million rubles at the expense of the balance of funds at the beginning of 2019. The funds are planned to be spent on expenses incurred but not fully executed in 2018. The corresponding decision was made by deputies at the extraordinary XXXI session of the Kazan City Duma, which was held today in the Executive Committee.

Irek Mukhametshin, the head of the Financial Department, reported that the balance of funds fr om the budget of 2018 will be spent on the following expenses: 119.7 million rubles for capital repairs of city facilities, 90.6 million rubles for current maintenance of municipal institutions, 56.3 million rubles for construction and reconstruction of city facilities, 52.8 million rubles for current maintenance of landscaping objects, 39.5 million rubles for the New Year city decoration, 37.7 million rubles for development of an integrated municipal information system, 17.2 million rubles for purchasing an anti-icing reagent, demolishing of illegally installed objects of a small retail network, and development of a master plan for Kazan, 10.1 million rubles for environmental protection measures, 9.9 million rubles for activities in the housing and communal services, 6 million rubles for dismantling of transportation and storage of illegally placed objects in areas of the city.

In addition, changes were made to the list of subsidies allocated from the city budget. “In accordance with the requirements of the housing code of the Russian Federation, the powers of local governments in the area of housing relations have been added. In this regard, the list of subsidies allocated from the city budget is supplemented by a grant to finance and ensure the costs of organizations in the event of an urgent need to overhaul the common property of apartment buildings. These expenses will be carried out within the limits of funds provided for in the city budget”, said I. Mukhametshin.

The draft budget was previously considered at a meeting of the commission on budget and financial issues, local taxes, and fees.

Bulat Kutdusov, a deputy and the chairman of the commission, offered to support the decision. “All changes were made within the framework of budget legislation, discussions were held on each of them. The deputies noted that all of them are conditioned by the primary objective tasks”, he noted.

Also, the draft budget had a few clarifications to the sources of financing the budget deficit. The upper lim it and the maximum amount of municipal debt is being clarified. The unanimously adopted total budget expenditures amounted to 23 billion 503 million rubles. Deficit - 480 million rubles. At the XXX session of Kazan City Duma, the budget for revenues and expenditures was approved in the amount of 23 billion 23 million 409 thousand rubles.

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The XXXI session of the Kazan City Duma, 1/25/2019
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25.01.2019 13:06
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